Redeemable Deeds and How They Differ

Redeemable deeds and how they differ:  You may have heard about the tax deeds or the tax liens but have you ever heard about the redeemable deeds?  This is an investing strategy that yields a high return if not a property to keep.  The redeemable deeds are something that has lots of potential.  First you will pay for the deed by being the highest bidder at the tax auction.  This could be a very reasonable price depending on the competition.  Then you will wait out what is called the redemption period.  This is a time frame where the property owner is allowed to pay the price that you paid for the redemption tax deed back plus a percentage of interest to you.   The percentages of interest are usually 20-25% or even higher.  Some can be a little less and for this reason, it is a good idea to make sure you know what the minimum interest rate is, making it the best state for you.  Texas is a redeemable deed state and has only a 6-month redemption period with a 25% interest rate.  This makes Texas a very popular state to invest in.  One of the advantages to investing in redeemable deed states is that you have to participate in the auction in person.  This makes it harder for others to be there because many will not be willing to travel.  If you happen to live in a redeemable deed state and are able to attend the tax auction then you will be able to get some good deals on houses or lots.  There is so much you can do once you are the winning bidder.  You can rent out or live in or have the existing tenants pay you the rent while you are in the redemption period time frame.  This give you a chance to collect more money while you are waiting the redemption period out.  If the property owner does not redeem on their property within the allotted time then you will become the new property owner.   You will be able to add the money that you may have collected in the meantime to the total amount that you might gain after reselling the newly acquired home!  This is a great way to gain even greater income in today’s economy.  One of the safest investments today is in tax liens, tax deeds, and redeemable deeds.  The Government backs them and you don’t have to deal with the property owner.  You only have to deal with the county that you are working in.  What a great way to gain income and a start towards financial freedom.  How would you like to own 10 homes right now and be looking towards 10 more?  This is one way to get them.  It can take a little time but it is well worth it.  Redeemable deeds have paid off over and over for investors wherever they are, why not join them?

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