Online Tax Liens: The Changes of Modern Day

Online tax liens:  I have found many tax lien counties are doing things online these days.  Keeping up with the times is part of what keeps investing interesting.  That’s what it’s all about right?  All but a few counties in Arizona are now holding online tax liens to be sold at online auctions as well as their after the auction sales also being online.  I have found that counties who are doing everything online these days also handle online tax liens.  Checking on these regularly you will see that this is a trend of the future.  Maybe half of the majority of the United States is still doing it the old fashioned way but many are now leaning towards easier, faster and more profitable online sales. The outreach to anyone that has the Internet is a greater gain for the county officials at the end of the auction.  The online tax liens do not require personal county officials to conduct and yet the county officials can still reap the rewards.  There are lots of things that are changing around the modern world and though the concept is the same the purchasing of tax liens and deeds are changing along with technology to apply a faster, more convenient and easier way of purchasing for the investor. Almost half of Florida holds tax lien auctions online.   Some of the counties are doing deed auctions the same say way.  Almost all of California holds online deed auctions.   More and more counties are using the Internet to reach out to more investors gaining revenue to make up for the taxes on properties that don’t get paid.   Online tax liens are becoming a popular thing as counties see the greater gain by allowing anyone to participate that has access to the Internet.  Because of the out reach and ease of the Internet the appeal of participation in these auctions and online auction sites have made online tax liens more attractive.  The truth of the matter is, if you are willing to take a little bit less in interest then you have a larger inventory to choose from.  A larger inventory is a good thing and once you have several purchases that are yielding 10-15% you can participate in the tax liens that sell after the auction.  These are known as the county held certificates or online tax liens and they yield the full percentage of interest without any competition.  You can see however, that with the online tax liens available to anyone these days the competition becomes much stiffer.  That’s why it’s good to participate in the auctions as well as after the auction for a better chance in getting the good properties.

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