Investing in Tax Property

Investing in tax property could be a way to change your entire life?  I wouldn’t have believed it before I learned how to invest in tax property myself.  The first time I was a little skeptical until I got the check in the mail.  Then I became a believer.  It was just like the typical type of investing with a program that I had purchased except this time it came true.  Wow!  I could not wait until I could do another one and another one and well you know………

A tax lien machine is what some people call me.  It’s a good way to get a handle on today’s economy.  Investing in tax property that has gone delinquent and goes up for sale.  If you want you could even wait for the sale to get over and purchase from the list at the full percentage of interest.  These are the tax properties that are considered “over the counter or the county held certificates of purchase”.  Some counties may even call them assignment purchasing but hey you can call them whatever you like as long as you can make money on them.  The next form of investing in tax property would be the tax deeds.  These are properties that have already had ample time to pay off their taxes and now are going to be sold to some investor that could be you making you the next or new property owner.  You don’t want to be responsible for making more homeless people you say.  Well, here’s a great solution for investing in tax property.  You could purchase the property at the tax sale auction, being the highest bidder, and then you could turn around and rent it out to the people that are losing the property and you keep everyone happy.  This makes less homeless people that way, and gives you the edge on investing in tax property.  What a great way to gain assets, income and even a portfolio to sell to others if wanted.  There are so many ways to gain money when you are investing that I couldn’t even begin to tell you all of the strategies that are out there.  Gaining all of the knowledge about investing in tax property has helped me tremendously to know exactly when and where to purchase my nest tax lien or tax deed.  It has been an awesome ride and I know it’s going to be even better as time goes on.  Just think everyone has to pay property taxes, and not everyone who should does.  I encourage you to pay your taxes but for those who don’t, it’s a great thing for investors.

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