Finding Tax Property and Investment Strategies

Finding tax property can be both fun and lucrative for anyone with a flair for adventure and investing.  There are many ways to find a tax property but how about finding one that fits your criteria?  You must ask yourself first what is my criterion?  Would I be happy with a home for pennies on the dollar or even half of the assessed value depending on the condition of the property?  Yes is the answer to both of these questions if you are a person that likes to find the good deals that are out there.  Tax property and good investment strategies will equal money in your pocket. “What about today’s economy and the ever failing dollar”, you ask?

Why not find a good deal in your county that offers you a way to make your investment strategies work for you in today’s economy?  Finding tax property will make investment strategies take on a whole new meaning.  Where do I go to find the tax property that I want?

 Every year your county will have what is called a tax sale.  This tax sale will either sell tax liens, which are property taxes that are delinquent, or a tax property.  You may purchase the back taxes of someone else’s delinquency and make a very nice percentage of interest on your investment.  How does 16% sound to you?   How about 18% or 24% interest on your dollar?  Now that’s what I call making your money work for you.  Every year while you have money in the bank you are collecting very little on the interest.  You could be helping someone to keep their home longer while allowing the Government to collect their revenue and make a nice little chunk of change while doing it.  Perhaps your investment strategies call for a more aggressive style.  Here again you have the opportunity to invest in your tax deeds.  Tax deeds are another form of finding tax property investments.  Here you will be able to purchase the property after the homeowner has been delinquent for a period of five years.  You can purchase a home stating out at the back taxes, fees, penalties, and interest if any and be the highest bidder.  Now some auctions or tax sales have very little competition.  One way to research a good county is to find out what the total revenue for the year for that county would be.  This is easy information to find and will allow you to see just how much a county needs for their revenue in tax sales and just how much was collected that year.  The comparison between the two will give you the information to decide whether or not that will be a good county for you to invest in.  When you see that the volume for the tax property is high and the sales are low then you will know that there is tax property still available.  The longer they sit around the fewer amounts may be needed for investing.

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